mardi 16 août 2011

Trip to Rotterdam, Maeslantkering barrier, and the New Port of Rotterdam

Maeslantkering barrier

an overview photo of the Maeslantkering barrier

The storm surge barrier system in Holland that protects The netherlands from flooding.

A close up of the huge steel girders comprising the Maeslantkering barrier.

Again the Maeslantkering barrier.

Windmills and a ship along the Nieuw Maas.

The South half of the Maeslantkering barrier across the Nieuw Maas.

Ship traffic along the Nieuw Maas.

Look at the size of the circular steel segments of the Maeslantkering barrier.

The RET catamaran ferry leaving Hoek van Holland.

inside the RET fast ferry.

 RO-RO ferries of the Stena line to Harwick, England

The port of Rotterdam.

a RO-RO ferry.

The Port of Rotterdam

container berths of the port of Rotterdam.

crude oil tanker.

New contianer berths in the port.

A photo of Maasvlakte 2 project that would enlarge the Port of rotterdam by 1000 hectares.

Entrance into Maasvlakte 1 container terminal.

Customs area for exiting containers.

ICE Container terminal

Rail-sea terminal. 

Rail lines in container terminal.

container terminal.

Truck train cars sitting empty.

Truck trains waiting to be moved.

abnormal container holding area. Note in the center, there is a shipment of agricultural tractors.

view of parked straddle carriers.

view of unmanned automated stacking cranes.

view of some parked AGV's or automated guided vehicles.

container berth with cranes.

container berth with cranes.

an AGV in action taking a container from the stacking area to the crane to load onto the ship.

a container ship.

a container ship.

straddle carrier in action.

container berth with cranes.

container stacking area with AGV's and automated umanned stacking cranes, (ASC).

Stena line ferry pulling into the Nieuw Maas.

The RET ferry and Stena line in background.

A Thalys high speed train pulling into Rotterdam Central station.

Trip through the Westland area in Holland

An emergency water storage field. Note that the photo was taken on top of the flood gates that will automatically open during major rain events.

Diagram of the emergency water storage field.

A bike and ride facility. Note the bus stop in the background.

An automated flower farm.

The checking station where incorrect flowers will be verified for correct height and shape.

Flowers get moved through the greenhouse on big trays.

and the trays get moved around by remote controlled carts (blue in photo)

flowers on conveyor system.

The heating and CO2 tanks that supply the flowers with proper temperature and CO2 content.

The automatic potting machine where the baby plants get transferred into bigger pots.

conveyor belt system.

Flowers on the conveyor system.

potting machine placing rows of freshly potted plants on a tray.

The final assembly line where the flowers get packed and shipped out.

Conveyor system with two trays on the left.

The north sea!