mardi 16 août 2011

Trip through the Westland area in Holland

An emergency water storage field. Note that the photo was taken on top of the flood gates that will automatically open during major rain events.

Diagram of the emergency water storage field.

A bike and ride facility. Note the bus stop in the background.

An automated flower farm.

The checking station where incorrect flowers will be verified for correct height and shape.

Flowers get moved through the greenhouse on big trays.

and the trays get moved around by remote controlled carts (blue in photo)

flowers on conveyor system.

The heating and CO2 tanks that supply the flowers with proper temperature and CO2 content.

The automatic potting machine where the baby plants get transferred into bigger pots.

conveyor belt system.

Flowers on the conveyor system.

potting machine placing rows of freshly potted plants on a tray.

The final assembly line where the flowers get packed and shipped out.

Conveyor system with two trays on the left.

The north sea!

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